MANIFESTO 「消滅する舞台」
Ami Theatre Manifesto: The Disappearing Stage
Theatre will remain dead forever unless script writers, directors, and actors stop thinking of the stage as a means of personal expression and achievement. We must recover the essential relations between the audience and the stage.
Theatre used to be part of religious ritual. The voices of the gods were “heard” on stage and divine absence could also be felt. Such presence and absence were beyond human words. Stage performance even today is not under the control of conscious human activity. In the encounter of the human mind with performance, an explosion of psychic energy can arise, filling the time-space of the stage. The stage disappears in the face of what it calls forth from the unconscious.
Today, we theatre practitioners are faced by the absence of even the sense of divine absence. To be involved in the creation of that which transcends language and which is no longer religious nor sacred, we must withdraw with the art work to a distant and unnamed place. We touch profundity at this very site, where there is no absolute truth, yet we must suffer the danger of encountering presence. This is the only way to revive the performing arts.
Translated by Mari Boyd